Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one week today!

Sooo in one week today, I start my first ever make up course. It's not a Cert, or Dip as I'd have to take time off work for those (who can afford that!?), but a 'certificate of attainment' ALSO this was a cheaper option, I mean what's the point in spending thousands on something that I might not even utilise? It's afterhours, 5pm-9pm for 12 weeks.
I don't have grand plans or anything at this stage, it's more of a learning experience. I've been told a few times by friends that 'beauty & makeup' is the industry I should be in, and I'm wasting my supposed talent. Who knows if they're right, but this is the first step into finding that out. It's only taken me about 7 years to get my ass into gear ;)
So basically I'm going to blog about my experience, and just about anything else I feel like blogging about.

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  1. Yeww you go buddy! I think you are going to ace that course xx Leenis