Friday, January 29, 2010

just breathe

I am not blogging nearly enough at the moment, not as much as I want to anyway.  I have some stuff going on,  some good, some bad.
I have been trying to network so I can have a portfolio started.  This started out a bit rough, with  one photographer organising 2 shoots with me, both of which fell through, due to his scatterbrained, poor planning.  Thankfully he has gone back to the States so I don't have to worry about him again.
The Good news is that I have really started networking with Photographers and Models on Model Mayhem.  I have 2 shoots lined up this week, which is exciting!  Can't wait to get the pics back and post them up.
I have a great friend who is a fantastic hairdresser and we are trying to get shoots together, to do the whole hair/makeup team thing, which will be fun. 
Some shitty personal stuff is going down at the moment.  I hope and pray that it all works out.  Staying positive is such a hard thing to do sometimes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

eyes open

Building a makeup kit is expensive, but there are some products out there that are pretty darn good that don't cost you an arm and a leg.
I have a sweet range of Rimmel London eyeliners and lipliners which have great pigment are long lasting and very well priced, especially if you get them on sale! 
Here are some of my most recent colours I have purchased in the Soft Kohl:
Royal Blue, Stormy Grey, Sable Brown & Jungle Green

and Exaggerate waterproof eye definers in: Deep Ocean, Precious Gold & Deep Wine

Here's a look I quickly did to show you with the Deep Wine & Precious Gold liners with my Yaby best of both worlds pallette. Pics taken with my phone, so not the best :)