Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pace is the trick

Tonight's class was our first taste of Bridal makeup. It was more or less, testing the water to see how far we could go with colour etc, and what not to do. It was a bridal trial, so no false eyelashes etc. Next week we go full hog, as if we are doing a real bride - scary! Below is my partner Leah, once again after seeing the pics, I can judge and see where I am going wrong, I really need to stand back and look at my work with a better eye.

This is a pic of me, Leah did my makeup. As you can see we totally both need the lashes to look like hot brides.
Does anyone know what settings etc I need my camera on to make the pictures pop? The lighting in the classroom is crap for taking pics!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Try & try again

I saw this picture in the lastest edition of Harpers Bazaar and it made me think of the look I attempted below on one of my classmates. Seeing this picture, I am very eager to retry the look, (even though I'm not a huge fan of blues) it's now something I just have to try again, practise makes perfect!
the image is from LANCOME's Declaring Indigo collection


Friday, August 14, 2009


During class on Wed night my lovely friend Jade and I were chatting about how we're enjoying the class and what we hope to get out of it. Anyway she ended up informing me of some very useful information... our school also does Photography Makeup classes of an evening, I had no idea! So yesterday I enrolled in an extra 6 classes in Photography Makeup & Remedial Camouflage. So course ends in Nov rather than Sep now. I am really excited about it!

After seeing all the wonderful makeup brands that I can't get here (brands in the US that don't ship internationally)
PriceUSA can actually arrange to get the products you want delivered, for a small fee of course. I've started out small - just a trial of products from Sephora. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation, Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes and Smashbox beauty rescue kit. Can't wait to try those puppies out!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Between blogging about my classes, I blog random stuff that influences & inspires me. Every now and then I'll share the awesome women that have and always will amaze me.

Stunning, sultry, sexy & a survivor... a chick that truly rocks... The wonderful Stevie Nicks

"I had my hair streaked at the end of the my tenth-grade year and got in a lot of trouble for it. They didn't just streak it blond...they streaked it silver. My hair was totally ivory. I was grounded for six weeks. But when my hair changed, everything changed. I got to wear grayish plum eye shadow. There was no way I was going back"~Stevie Nicks, Allure , 1995


Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the Navy!

Class last night, I was ITCHING to get started. It was our first night we got to experiment with a bit of colour, for an Evening look. I was put into a threesome again, my bad this time as I was 5mins late. But unlike last time I did get a whole face to myself ;) I only did eyes though, due to lack of time. Luckily my girl had a pretty good face of makeup on so it was just a matter of taking off her eye makeup, concealing the eyes and getting some colour on them. When I started applying the navy blue colour to her eyelid, I just said to her "oh man what am I doing!?" but after not too long, I was done and pretty happy with the result. Looking back I know a few things I'd change. Also, I think I need to dumb down the shimmer shadows (to be more age appropriate) what do you think?

I have used Mac Indigo eye Pencil on half of the eyelid and smudged/blended that, then pressed in a navy blue shimmer shadow. Used a lighter blue in the middle of the lid, then a soft bronze in the corner, shading it out over the blue. Ebony eyeliner pencil on lower lashline with gold shimmer in the corner of the eyes and along lower lash line.


Kaleidoscope Eyes

I saw photos taken at the recent David Jones Spring/Summer 09 launch in the paper yesterday. Nevermind the outfits I was impressed by the makeup, lovin the colours!