Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A few glasses of wine, a handy camera and a sudden urge to give Victory Rolls a try for the first time 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

slice of life

Art is not just something you see, its something you feel.  I appreciated it in all shapes and forms.  Especially this form.
Late last year I knew I was ready to get my next tattoo to commemorate such an amazing year I had in 2010.  
One day I came home from work and was knocked over by the amazing smell of Jasmine that had bloomed in my driveway. The smell made me feel calm and at the same time, kind of excited!  So I decided from that moment Jasmine flowers were to be incorporated somehow in my next tattoo. 
I went into Satisfaction Art Surfers Paradise and met Mickey.  We talked and that afternoon I was booked in to start the task.  He drew it up straight on the skin all work was freehand.
This is my 2nd tattoo and my first sitting for this piece was 3.5hours. 

The artist, designer and now one of my best Friends, Mickey
 halfway through first sitting

line work complete!

second sitting another 3 hours for shading

Mickey is an amazing artist and I am blessed to have met him and now call him friend.  I am over the moon with this design, its one of a kind, It's a celebration of life, love, beauty and sensuality.
I have ONE flower to go, we ran out of time as a customer had turned up that had an watch this space!

brand new

Happy New Year! um so I kinda have been a Busy Bee.  I don't want to sound like a dork but let's say the social life has been on the up and up and my favourite hobby has been boozing lately.  It's not good as now I'm sick and I knew my immune system would take a kick in the nuts eventually.  SO 2011, calls for some rules! I'm not getting any younger and shit needs to get sorted.

For 2011 I have a few goals....... I am not calling them Resolutions because that's gay - these are goals people!

1) learn another language.... either Spanish, Portuguese or Italian (because they are all similar) French if I am feeling ambitious and it would be totally sexy

2) Cut out mid week drinking
bad girl!
3) Lose weight (again)  because early last year I was fit and happy, but then I traveled a couple of times and got my social life cranking, the food and alcohol limits... well there's been no limits, hence - fat!

4) Get my career sorted - work out what the eff I'm going to do, study, get a new job etc Is the makeup career going to work for me...? I need to work this out (eeep) 

5) Travel! Holidays or Long term, I am not fussed but I have the bug and there is a beautiful big bad world out there calling my name

Whats your amazing goal for 2011???