Thursday, July 23, 2009

City of Delusion

Class 3 - down. Let me just say, I walked away feeling MUCH better last night. When I got there last night, I brought up with a few other girls how much trouble I had with last weeks foundation application. I was stoked to find out they too had the same troubles and pretty much hated the foundation texture. Last night we used Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation and it went on like great, fluidy and much easier to apply & blend. I'd been worried and doubted myself for the last week, again... for nothing.

What did bug me though, was one of my classmates was late and she was put with my partner and I, which meant we were kind of a threesome! Now from what I hear, threesomes don't work as someone always misses out, and yep I can say that IS the case. Our 3rd wheel liked to take control a bit, which left me hangin! We had an eye each (yeah she gave me an eye). We used Mac FLuidline in Blacktrack, which is applied with a small eyeliner brush. 3rd wheel struggled with this and ended up with a nice smudgy eye ;) So Business makeup, a semi success, looking forward to next week.

Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I still haven't spent my B'day Mulah...

These products are on my wishlist.
DiorSkin Forever liquid foundation
UPDATE!: After many blog reviews, alot of ppl actually prefer the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + or the Nars Oil Free Foundation. I'd love to give these a whirl, they are not available in my state & dont deliver to Aust. Damn it! Benefit 'Posietint' cheek & lip stain
Benefit 'Georgia' face powder.
I'm going to the converse shop tomorrow, I am due for a new pair. Hopefully they have either the plaid or sequin style in stock I'm going to do an order with Plasticland next week this tee might make the cut. The lunchbox is adorable I just had to post a pic of that : )


Not so Foxy

Last night was our 1st lesson in day makeup.

Firstly we were shown a demo by our teacher, she showed us what she wanted us to do. She's very good, and quick of course. I was a little shocked though when I saw how basic the look was. It's foundation, concealer, eyebrow powder, ONE eyeshadow colour and eyeliner on the top lashes only with mascara, blush and lipstick. I guess I'm so used to my DAY look which is a little more involved ha ;)
So my partner applied mine first. She applied eyebrow colour to my brows in the darkest brown. Now I'm a blonde and I have mousy brows so u can imagine the Megan Fox brows I was cranking. Then my blush, a touch on the orange side. She did a good job, but I looked like perhaps my day look was more suited to 1983.
Then was my turn. I cleansed, toned and moisturised her face. Picked her foundation colour and started to apply with my foundation brush. Oh lord. Why. Why. Why won't it BLEND!? The foundation was thick and was grabbing her skin and I couldn't get it to glide on at all! It was not smoothing over the pores & lines. Ughh anyway it took me a while & after some stifling with a sponge it came up better. The end result was ok but honestly we all looked quite flat/washed out. I wouldn't normally leave the house looking that way, I dunno I guess I am allowed to make it what I want... right?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Frankie Says Relax

Well well well, didn't I stress for nothing. No surprises there though! The first class was great. We started out with introductions "Hi my name is Koren, I live in Surfers Paradise, I have worked in the same job for 8 years and every day I have asked myself what am I doing with my life?"
There are 15 women in the class, the youngest at 19 and the eldest at 37. There was the occasional awkward silence when we had our break. I think I may have already labelled myself as class idiot, with my bad joke cracking and trying-to-be-funny-to-break-the-ice-moments.
We got started on the basics, Face Shapes: Oval (being the perfect shape), Round, Heart, Triangle, Diamond, Long and I'm sure there was another one. Eventually we will be tested on naming and locating each bone and muscle in the face, eeep!
Skin Colours: we each fall into a season, Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter. This helps determine what colours are best suited & should be used. Can't quite work out what I am yet!
We also received our fantastic brush kit, supplied by Catalina Geo. The kit is gorgeous, sable hair and if looked after correctly will last just about forever.

this brush kit, in a black roll bag plus additional foundation brush & eyeliner brush

Keep on the lookout for my next installment! This Wednesday night we do our first lesson in Day Makeup.


Monday, July 6, 2009


I have butterflies. I'm already shitting myself and it's still two days away. Not sure exactly why I'm nervous, think its the idea of attending 'school' and meeting new people. Probably also a little vulnerable in regards to me putting myself out there to learn and perhaps not being as good as people expect.

I'm sure after the first class it'll all be sweet


Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am not interested in money...

I'm currently reading a book I purchased through Amazon called My Story - Illustrated Edition by Marilyn Monroe with Ben Hecht, which is supposedly a story Marilyn Munroe was co-writing with her friend (Ben), before her unfortunate fate. The book features over 40 photos which are of course, beautiful. I could honestly just flick through pictures of her for hours in amazement. The makeup, hair, clothing - all flawless. Aswell as trying to read the expressions on her face and wondering what she was thinking.
I have also, this fantastic picture book featuring intimate photographs taken by Photographer Eve Arnold.

A true Icon and absolute Goddess, the most incredibly gorgeous woman to have lived.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one week today!

Sooo in one week today, I start my first ever make up course. It's not a Cert, or Dip as I'd have to take time off work for those (who can afford that!?), but a 'certificate of attainment' ALSO this was a cheaper option, I mean what's the point in spending thousands on something that I might not even utilise? It's afterhours, 5pm-9pm for 12 weeks.
I don't have grand plans or anything at this stage, it's more of a learning experience. I've been told a few times by friends that 'beauty & makeup' is the industry I should be in, and I'm wasting my supposed talent. Who knows if they're right, but this is the first step into finding that out. It's only taken me about 7 years to get my ass into gear ;)
So basically I'm going to blog about my experience, and just about anything else I feel like blogging about.