Thursday, July 23, 2009

City of Delusion

Class 3 - down. Let me just say, I walked away feeling MUCH better last night. When I got there last night, I brought up with a few other girls how much trouble I had with last weeks foundation application. I was stoked to find out they too had the same troubles and pretty much hated the foundation texture. Last night we used Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation and it went on like great, fluidy and much easier to apply & blend. I'd been worried and doubted myself for the last week, again... for nothing.

What did bug me though, was one of my classmates was late and she was put with my partner and I, which meant we were kind of a threesome! Now from what I hear, threesomes don't work as someone always misses out, and yep I can say that IS the case. Our 3rd wheel liked to take control a bit, which left me hangin! We had an eye each (yeah she gave me an eye). We used Mac FLuidline in Blacktrack, which is applied with a small eyeliner brush. 3rd wheel struggled with this and ended up with a nice smudgy eye ;) So Business makeup, a semi success, looking forward to next week.

Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack

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  1. Very interesting as I can never find foundation I like! I have been using bare minerals but it doesn't cover as good as foundation.