Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not so Foxy

Last night was our 1st lesson in day makeup.

Firstly we were shown a demo by our teacher, she showed us what she wanted us to do. She's very good, and quick of course. I was a little shocked though when I saw how basic the look was. It's foundation, concealer, eyebrow powder, ONE eyeshadow colour and eyeliner on the top lashes only with mascara, blush and lipstick. I guess I'm so used to my DAY look which is a little more involved ha ;)
So my partner applied mine first. She applied eyebrow colour to my brows in the darkest brown. Now I'm a blonde and I have mousy brows so u can imagine the Megan Fox brows I was cranking. Then my blush, a touch on the orange side. She did a good job, but I looked like perhaps my day look was more suited to 1983.
Then was my turn. I cleansed, toned and moisturised her face. Picked her foundation colour and started to apply with my foundation brush. Oh lord. Why. Why. Why won't it BLEND!? The foundation was thick and was grabbing her skin and I couldn't get it to glide on at all! It was not smoothing over the pores & lines. Ughh anyway it took me a while & after some stifling with a sponge it came up better. The end result was ok but honestly we all looked quite flat/washed out. I wouldn't normally leave the house looking that way, I dunno I guess I am allowed to make it what I want... right?

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