Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video stars

A lot of my friends are always after makeup tips & how to's. I have found you the answer!
Video tutorials. Now this is by no means a new thing, derr has anyone heard of YouTube? But after blogging for a little while now, I have come across some wonderful makeup artists who are talented and post very informative tutorial videos of themselves applying makeup step by step. Here is my favourite :

Pixiwoo - makeup artist sisters Sam & Nic are extremely talented! Under the name Pixiwoo they have a blog & youtube channel which is one of the most successful beauty youtube channels around, you should check it out.

Samantha Chapman
My favourite though is their website it's very informative, with tutorials on many makeup styles ranging from all eras to different celebrities to current trends and also has the basic How To videos all there for you to watch and learn.


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