Sunday, October 4, 2009


What perfect timing to pay tribute to this wonderful woman, it was her 40th birthday yesterday! Girlfriend knows how to look after herself!

When I was in high school, this whirlwind came through my life in the form of a SoCal Ska band with a platinum blonde singer, who's tomboy attitude mixed with fantastic hair & makeup took over me...
the amazing hair stylesthe porcelain skin, thick eyeliner & bright lips. Her look inspired by Marilyn Monroe & Jean Harlow, who she ultimately played in The Aviator movieher wicked style
... Gwen Stefanifor a recap on some classic Gwen here are my favourite film clips:

Early Winter (the hair makeup & fashion in the clip gets me all choked up! the green D&G gown takes my breath away)
p.s Gwen Stefani as a woman, I love... but Tony, Adrian & Tom make up 3/4's of No Doubt, what a great group of people & musicians. Seeing them live is still one of my best music experiences ever.

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