Friday, January 29, 2010

just breathe

I am not blogging nearly enough at the moment, not as much as I want to anyway.  I have some stuff going on,  some good, some bad.
I have been trying to network so I can have a portfolio started.  This started out a bit rough, with  one photographer organising 2 shoots with me, both of which fell through, due to his scatterbrained, poor planning.  Thankfully he has gone back to the States so I don't have to worry about him again.
The Good news is that I have really started networking with Photographers and Models on Model Mayhem.  I have 2 shoots lined up this week, which is exciting!  Can't wait to get the pics back and post them up.
I have a great friend who is a fantastic hairdresser and we are trying to get shoots together, to do the whole hair/makeup team thing, which will be fun. 
Some shitty personal stuff is going down at the moment.  I hope and pray that it all works out.  Staying positive is such a hard thing to do sometimes.

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  1. Hey, chin up! I'm in a bit of a rut myself, and it's terrible when it overshadows everything that you're working so hard to achieve.

    Can't recommend MM enough - are we friends on there? If not, find me! I'd give you my number, but my work has blocked the site... I'm under Hannah OBrien :)