Tuesday, January 11, 2011

brand new

Happy New Year! um so I kinda have been a Busy Bee.  I don't want to sound like a dork but let's say the social life has been on the up and up and my favourite hobby has been boozing lately.  It's not good as now I'm sick and I knew my immune system would take a kick in the nuts eventually.  SO 2011, calls for some rules! I'm not getting any younger and shit needs to get sorted.

For 2011 I have a few goals....... I am not calling them Resolutions because that's gay - these are goals people!

1) learn another language.... either Spanish, Portuguese or Italian (because they are all similar) French if I am feeling ambitious and it would be totally sexy

2) Cut out mid week drinking
bad girl!
3) Lose weight (again)  because early last year I was fit and happy, but then I traveled a couple of times and got my social life cranking, the food and alcohol limits... well there's been no limits, hence - fat!

4) Get my career sorted - work out what the eff I'm going to do, study, get a new job etc Is the makeup career going to work for me...? I need to work this out (eeep) 

5) Travel! Holidays or Long term, I am not fussed but I have the bug and there is a beautiful big bad world out there calling my name

Whats your amazing goal for 2011??? 

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