Monday, September 12, 2011

Take it away

What do you take travelling? What can't we live without?
Well here's a few snaps of me in the process of packing for my trip to Europe. I'm backpacking for a couple of months so I've got the essentials.

Here I have my Soap & Glory travel minis so I smell, look & feel clean.
Check out the cute as laundry kit, comes with dirty clothes bag, clothes line, universal plug (for washing in hostel basins) & a handy little pack of laundry soap sheets.

You may also notice a box of Degas.. well that is pretty obvious what its for! There's just something about long plane rides that gets my gut a little well... windy.  Also I was concerned about the change in cuisine (sausage, cabbage and beer!)  So I bought those to be prepared.  After all - I'm a lady!
Don't forget to take confidence, friendliness and manners. Always makes for a happy and easy experience.

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