Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweden round two.

Well here I am back on the train, onto the next stage of my journey. I
said goodbye to Amy then Adam drove me to Malmo Hyllie station where I was to transfer at Copenhagen then onto L├╝beck. When I arrived to Copenhagen I found out the trains had been re-routed so now a 3hr journey is taking 6hrs. Oh well not to worry, the rides are very relaxing and I tend to fall asleep pretty easily.

While in Sweden this time around we had the Halloween party which was a lot of preparation with spooky decorations, pumpkin carving, cooking, costume organising etc.  Everyone who attended put great effort into their costumes, they looked great! I was a thrown together pirate,  Amy and Adam Aristocrats from the 1700's. We drank plenty of wine, of course.  As I had a cold, still from Switzerland, I lost my voice! Over the next few nights, I would continue to lose my voice, I think someone may have been telling me I need to shut up for a few days.

One Friday, Adam, Amy and I caught the train to Helsingor in Denmark to visit the Kronburg castle. A real castle built in 1420 with canons and a moat, coool!  It is a large castle, on the water. The interior though was lacking as the castle had been damaged from being used for military baracks, so their was no original wall coverings and few fittings. Most of the furniture, tapestries and artwork do remain though.  My favourite was the casements. An underground basement / cave... Casement - fitting name huh.  Anyway it was extremely dark and would be easy to get lost down there if you took a wrong turn into one of the little casement rooms. It was very cold in Denmark by the way  I said 'this is the most clothes I've ever worn!'

The following day was Isabels birthday, so for the morning we went to Isabels mothers house for the traditional Swedish birthday greeting where you all gather and wake the birthday boy or girl up, singing and with presents in arms.  We then had breakfast together, it was a lovely morning.  That evening we were to return for dinner, a dinner party with a few more guests. A very nice evening, much to my surprise. It was a warm and happy atmosphere, not a late night. We returned home for a glass of wine and a movie.

I had such a lovely time at Adam and Amy's.  I got a good feel for the place.  It was very relaxing, a home away from home.   I had a few tears as I sat on the train and waved goodbye to Adam.

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