Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pace is the trick

Tonight's class was our first taste of Bridal makeup. It was more or less, testing the water to see how far we could go with colour etc, and what not to do. It was a bridal trial, so no false eyelashes etc. Next week we go full hog, as if we are doing a real bride - scary! Below is my partner Leah, once again after seeing the pics, I can judge and see where I am going wrong, I really need to stand back and look at my work with a better eye.

This is a pic of me, Leah did my makeup. As you can see we totally both need the lashes to look like hot brides.
Does anyone know what settings etc I need my camera on to make the pictures pop? The lighting in the classroom is crap for taking pics!


  1. this look is so cute! i really like the colors. and i'm sorry but i suck with anything having to do with cameras.

  2. My camera has a nighttime setting and a setting with flash and without. I'm not that great with photography, but I know that you never want the light source behind the subject. Also you dont want the model to be squinting because the light is in their eyes.

    Lighting can be so unflattering sometimes- especially in changing rooms I find!

    Having said that, the pictures and makeup look great- I really like the eyes you did. You are very talented!
    Emma :)