Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The mission

Last week I worked on Sharon, it was a practice for our final assessment which is next week. These are the steps we need to take for it
  • Assess client skin condition, type and face shape

  • Remove makeup, cleanse tone moisturise

  • Colour corrector

  • Light layer of foundation - create Day Look

  • then add more foundation, additional eye/cheek/lip colour for Business Look

  • then glam up the eyes a bit more, add anything else needed for an Evening Look. Our teacher marks us on our skill & intereacton, and the final result of each look.

I dont think there's been one class yet where I left going, hell yeah I'm awesome - I hope to get that confidence & skill soon! I have a bunch of friends coming over this weekend to practice on, a makeup day! Should be fun :)



  1. thanks so much, I wasn't real confident with these pics :)