Friday, October 16, 2009

pretty on the outside

2 weeks of photographic makeup class have flown by. We're learning that everything we've learned previously doesn't apply to photographic and we get to play with colour, texture, textile, any medium you want to use to basically apply to a face. So we had a task, we were given fashion pics of a model, without a head. Then we had to design our face, according to what we imagined would go with the outfit. My picture was a very pale model in a pretty, vintage, lacy outfit.
My partner wasn't the friendliest of people (as you can prob tell) but she had one of the easiest faces I've worked on, great eyes, full lips and good cheek bones. She had some mild acne which covered up well with a very small amount of liquid mineral foundation & concealer. Then Mac studio fix powder sponged over the face.

When I got to see the head of my picture at the end, my job was basically the same, except the model had darker pink lips than mine.


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