Wednesday, December 9, 2009

just stay

Today I did a little experiment, an eyeliner experiment! *insert evil scientists laugh here*
Never had I come across such a wonderful eyeliner until i got my Best Of Make Up For Ever kit, with it a full size Aqua Eyes eyeliner pencil.  To prove a point, this morning I squiggled 3 x lines of my favorite black eyeliners on the back of my hand.

Photo taken at 7.30am

As you can see, here is the result at the end of the day.  This photo taken at 5.30pm.  After a few hand washes and even washing the dishes these results are pretty great.

The clear stand out is obviously the Aqua Eyes pencil.  It really is amazing, goes on smoothly and doesn't wear off!  The Colourstay is not too far behind, suprisingly it wears well but the texture of the crayon is much firmer.  Unfortunately the 247 Glide On pencil, started to wear off not long after lunchtime, it really is silky and glides on well but this formula does not create a very deep black and prevents it from staying on as long as it should.


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