Monday, July 5, 2010

walk through my dream

A couple of weeks ago I came down with a tummy bug, I was pretty sick.  I had a day off work and popped on Lord Of The Rings the Two Towers into the dvd player and fell asleep.  The next day I woke up fine, but of course I couldn't not watch the rest of the movie and then the Return Of The King.  Every night before bed over the last couple of weeks I would watch a little more, until finally I got to the end.  Now I have seen these movies over and over but this time around I felt inspired.  The makeup and special effects were singing to me and I had an epiphany... hey I could do this, I could be the one creating these visions!
I have been doing a few makeup shoots here and there but to be honest I don't feel like my creativity is being channelled or challenged.  I am currently looking into Special Effects and Film/Television makeup courses.  They are extremely expensive and even more so as I will probably attend a school in the USA.  I have been in contact with Cinema Makeup School in LA and I will arrange an appointment to see them when I visit in August.  It's all very exciting, and I am loving having aspirations right now.  I hope you all are working towards something great also.  Nothing is out of reach; if you believe, you will succeed.

That's the other thing, I have my first overseas trip planned next month.  Can you believe it has taken me this long, I am 28 and now just getting out there.  It has taken many years to get the maturity and Independence to be comfortable enough though.  It goes to show that timing is everything.  I will be flying into LA then to Birmingham Alabama where my friend lives.  We will then have 2 weeks to drive around and explore the Southern parts of the USA.  I fly back and stay in Beverly Hills overnight and will spend the whole day shopping.  Any great shopping centres you guys want to fill me in on, please do.  YAY!

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