Tuesday, October 12, 2010

skin deep

During my trip I was kind of stoked because my skin held up really well with having no breakouts.  I put it down to the fact I was just completely relaxed and having a good time, no stress or crap to bring on the wrath of the zit.
However after drinking every day, and eating the American cuisine for so long, when I got home things started to go sour. I admit, my bad holiday habits didn't die off when I got home.  I was eating crap, drinking a lot of alcohol, partying and not drinking nearly as much water as I am supposed to.
After about two weeks of being home I started to pay for it, really bad.  My skin has had the worst breakout in years.  I am an absolute Nazi when it comes to clean skin too, so it is definitely not my cleansing routine, as I have a strict regime I follow twice a day.
Last week I decided I had had enough.  No more breakouts, no more weight gain, no more shit that makes you feel shit, I'm over it!
So the detox started last week, 7 days of no meat, wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, processed foods - you get the drill.  It has been surprisingly easy and I'm happy and relieved that I am getting back into my healthy(ish) lifestyle.  
This was to help boost my skin from the inside out, and to get my brain retrained into its good habits.  NOW for the outside.  The best, and I mean BEST zit zapping products I have ever tried, eeevveeeerrr! I am so excited to tell you about 

I have not bought the cleanser or moisturiser yet as I am not ready for new products but I got this amazing Spot Gel.  It is an antibacterial, anti inflammatory and fast acting.  It inhibits acne causing bacteria and soothes the zits when applied.  You can actually feel it working, it has this amazing comforting tingle.  I just squeeze a little to the back of my hand, then dab onto the spots required and rub in gently. I do this after a cleanse, tone moisturise (every morning and night).  It contains Peroxide, Witch Hazel, Kaolin Clay, Canadian Willowherb, an NO alcohol so you don't get dry spots!  This is a God Send, where have you been all my life!?
After that treatment I then apply the Medicated Concealer. It contains Salicylic Acid, Canadian Willowherb, Aloe and Green Tea.  Another God Send.  Use this on your spots  under your foundation and seriously those little buggers will start to disappear!

I can't say enough how brilliant these products are, and I am excited to try the other products from the range when I am due to stock up.  Dr Lewinn's has always been a revolutionary in skin care. The products DO NOT contain Alcohol, Parabens, Soaps, Fragrance, Artificial colours, just the wonderful high concentration of active botanicals.  SO my fellow skin challenged friends, go get yourself some - get amongst it!

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