Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nailed it!

So I am totes in love with Sally Hansens ingenious product Salon Effects real nail polish strips!
Now I am not a nail person, I dont go to salons, I don't get em did.  I don't like long nails and all that jazz, I'm a simple, short, neat nailed gal, often seen sporting vivid coloured nails on my lil childlike fingers.  But now I can bling them up, next level!

Admittedly this isn't the first time I have seen a product like this, I had seen Sephora release a nail sticker when I was in the States last year.  Now I am stoked that a similar product is sold here!  Sally Hansens Salon Effects are sold at Priceline, RRP $15 a pop. You get 16 stickers, a lil nail file/buff and cuticle stick. 

So quick and easy to apply, I am in love and wont party with out these again! No drying time, but I do find a clear top coat extends the life of them a few extra days.

Favourite designs worn so far are the fun and girly Collide A Scope and the sassy Laced Up 


  1. I'M FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG! And I love your style <<<<<<3333

  2. Awww cute!! I must hunt down more patterns, I keep getting the plain ones :D

  3. Thanks guys. Hey guess when I realised with this product, if you have any left over stickers you cant use them! Once the packet is opened, they don't keep, they just dry out. I was a bit disappointed, don't see the point in putting 16 in there. booooooo