Tuesday, July 12, 2011

open your eyes

you know we all get moved by beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet it is all around us, every minute of every day. Do you see it?
Driving by an old  wooden house with weathered peeling panels and seeing its quirky beauty, my curiosity is moved by what history it may hold. Or It may be a picture perfect sunset, hot pink and orange colours painting the sky.   Music, moving into our ears, into our brains down into our hearts and stains our souls.  What about scent? That smell of Jasmine blooming in the spring, that stings through the crisp air, gives me a smile like no other scent can give me.  Food glorious food, the allure of deliciously, sweet, fresh fruit or the hearty smell of a home cooked lasagne that fills our bellies then washing it down with a glass of  full bodied Merlot.  And a smile and a 'good morning' from the old cashier that sold you your newspaper this morning?
All of it is beautiful, its inspiring and its the simple things we need to appreciate in life. You see, we can find beauty in everything, it is there right in front of us!
When you see, smell, taste, hear, or feel something appealing, that moves you, even just a little bit - smile, soak it up and take it in.

The more you appreciate everything and everyone around you, the more you smile and the happier you will be.  

A favourite quote of mine is from a book "The Four Agreements" by don Miguel Ruiz 

  "The world is very beautiful and very wonderful. 
Life can be very easy when love is your way of life"
Its so true....this book is amazing and turned my life around. I lent it to a friend a few months back, its been about 12mths since I read it and I can feel I need it in my life again.
What made you smile today?  Better still, what made you frown and was it really worth all your energy?


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