Friday, September 16, 2011

Malay away

So I'm sitting at Kuala Lumpur international airport.  I've been here for just over 12hrs. The good thing about this place is the airside transit hotel, it books in 6hr increments rather than the usual check in/out times.  So i've caught up on heaps of sleep, had lunch, had a reflexology foot massage (ouch!) A shower, now enjoying some Starbucks.  I've checked out of my room, fly out in about 4hrs. So in the meantime I'm going to do some shopping at the MAC counter then go have some dinner.

I had to have a giggle, on the flight over here they served breakfast on the plane at about 4am.  Rice with chilli shrimp.  Yum, but noooot at 4am! The smell was making me dry reach.  So I just ate my fruit & croissant.
Also during my foot/leg massage oh boy that little asian dude stuck his knuckles right in the arches of my feet, holy moley!  I reckon tomorrow too my calves may have some bruises.  But it's all that good pain.  It was all going ok until the end I felt something being shaken over my legs.  I looked and realised it was talcum powder.  Now anyone who really knows me would remember I hate the stuff!  The squeaky texture makes me want to scream and or vomit.  So I was dying while he rubbed it in, in my head I was screaming get it off! Even now just thinking about it I'm getting goosebumps.

P.s Malaysia has no sky, its jusy grey! We're so lucky in Oz to have clouds, blue sky, rainbows and stars.

P.p.s the airport smells like burnt cheese all the time!

the garden lounge in the transit hotel

the view from my hotel window at 7am, pitch black!

stoked I got a toothbrush!

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