Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunny Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a beautiful big city. It's a bank town, business district. Very smooth running and organised.
I have really loved the 2 days I've spent here.  The weather is beautiful & sunny.  It does get cool at night but no cooler than at home right now.

Day 1
arrived at Frankfurt Hostel early, 9.30am and could not check in until 2. I has tired but more so very.dehydrated from travelling so I was pretty out of it.  I mingled a little, drank water and tea and rested on the couch until nick (my travel buddy) arrived at 12.30.  I was lookin pretty nasty, greasy hair and my face needed a good scrub.  We walked the streets a little until check in.  I purchased some shampoo/conditioner haha and then it was time to check in, that first shower as you can imagine was divine.  The hostel rooms are very tidy, clean linens and towel are provided.  I am a rare female in this hostel. I realise now the sausage fest was due to a car show that is on.  So after a shower I went in for a quick nap. 3.5hrs later haha! We got ready and walked looking for a genuine German pub with cheap beer and food. No go. In the area we walked, it was all cafes and restaurants! So we settled for an awesome restaurant/bar called Chicago. Yup, it was american! We shared a pitcher of Becks. I had a delicious shrimp salad. Then we were pretty spent so it was back to the hostel.  It was in interesting night. 3 older men must have booked the other beds. One of them slept above me, gross! Lucky for earplugs, it was a dirty snore choir in that room.

Day 2
Early to rise for our buffet breakfast that comes free at the hostel.  Cheese, ham, tomato, toast, rolls, coffee, tea, juice, fruit etc.  at 11am we had to meet for our Rhine Valley day tour that I'd booked.  Joking around we thought it would just be us in the back of a VW Golf. But no, it was a proper fully booked and catered bus tour through Greenline Tours. Our guide was a very funny, witty, intelligent German named Michael. We love Michael! There was about 25 ppl on the tour, 8 of them Australian!  It started with a bus ride taking us through the Rhine river valley to Rudesheim.  On one side of the road, vineyards and homes on the other.  All cute, pointy roofed homes, made of render and stones with shutters and flowers pots in the windows.  I want one of these homes!  We got to our stop which actually took us to a chair lift. And down we all went in pairs down a chair lift that actually passed us through the backyards of homes! Down the bottom (the base of Hells Mountain) we met and walked over to a restaurant.  The restaurant was so cute and kitsch. Extremely over decorated.  Pictures, paintings and fake grape vines adorned every single space on the walls.  For lunch we all had grilled chicken with fries and salad. Well the salad was more of a slaw. I washed this down with a  glass of Hells Mountain Red wine.  After lunch we jumped aboard a large 3 level steamer boat which took us down the Rhine River. It was so cool! Beautiful ancient castles, vineyards, and quaint towns line the river.  One particular place The Loreley, has a legend. Loreley was a beautiful lady/mermaid who would sit upon a rock. Her beauty (boobs) would distract the sailors and their boats would crash, fall to pieces and sink.

At lunch we were seated with some lovely Americans. 26yr old twins, Brendan & Chad and their father Ned - from Kentucky.  Chad and I got on like a house on fire, like we were separated at birth.  The 5 of us sat on the top level of.the boat, in the sun drinks in hand, enjoying the views and great conversation.  The tour ended about 8pm and we decided to go to dinner to a Restaurant recommended by Michael.  Steinen Haus (i think) its a 500 yr old restaurant serving genuine, traditional food. €12.50 for my delicious and generous pork knuckle with roast potatoes & sauerkraut. I requested some of Frankfurts famous green sauce on the side. Best thing ever! Its like a creamy herbal sauce that I reckon you could eat with anything.  Full, tipsy and happy we went nextdoor to a pub for one after dinner beverage. A little place where the bartender did everthing by hand. No cash register, no dishwasher.  There was a funny german who I nick named Duran Duran, he offered Nick some snuff haha to which he declined. This guy actually guessed I was from the Gold Coast!  

On our last day, Nick and I visited the St Bartholemew cathedral, the only structure to survive the war in that area, very beautiful and grand.
Frankfurt was a great start to my trip, made some beautiful new friends and seen gorgeous sites. 


Shrimp Salad at 'Chicago'

view from the chairlift

the homes we pass thru on the chairlift
Hells Mountain

View from the Rhine Steamer

the beautiful restaurant

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