Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bavarians do it better

Munich round 2! Boy  am I glad I made the decision to come back and do some sightseeing.  This city rocks, I have a feeling I will be back.
Day 1
As I am checking into Wombats Munich, I am checking in at the same time as an American girl. We get told we are roomates. Boom, instant friend and man is she a legend.  Megan- fellow traveller from San Francisco, a summer camp director and all round awesome chick.
We went out that night to the famous Hofbrauhaus, pork knuckles for dinner and I was soft, I only drank a Radler (lemonade & beer).  We talked among some other Aussies we met who shared our table.  In these beer halls, if there are no small tables you generally share a large one with other people. Fyi Hoffbrauhaus is where the National Socialists started.
Day 2
Megan and I headed off to our free tour of the city (New Europe tours) it was a fantastic day! Our guide, Marcin was an ex history professor / musician now tour guide.  So we learned about the fascinating history of Munich, saw some gorgeous sights and had a lot of fun!  Marcin has a documentary in progress, about the genocide of Ww2 but how unfortunately genocide still exists today. After all we have been through, how do we still allow this to happen?  He rode his bike around Europe and Africa documenting his every move. Visit
That night after hearing from Marcin of an amazingly huge schnitzel, we headed off to find this restaurant and quench our schnitzel desires! So we get there and our waiter is ao lovely, we order the one schnitzel between two of us and a drink each.  Out comes this plate, the schnitzel is freaking huge, about 40cm long and sitting on a bed of fried potatoes. We got a salad too but sheesh who needs it. And I wonder why I am getting so fat haha!  Megan and I devoured  this thing! Oh lordy, I love Bavaria.
Day 3
Up early, Meg and I head to Dachau concentration camp. Infamous and gruesome.  We watched a documentary in the museum which gives a fantastic and in-your-face history on Dachau. 12 yrs of fucked up shit. Pardon my french, but what else can I say.... We were so emotionally drained we did not stay at the site long.  So off we went to feed our souls and get some lunch.  We walked around Marionplatz and decided on eating at the Augustiner Beer Haus.  We each ordered an Augustiner Edelstoff, after Marcin telling us it was his favourite beer. Well he was right, its bloody delicious!  We ordered Goulash soup each, it was the cheapest on the menu.  I wasn't too excited. Anyways it came out, first mouthful in I swear tears of joy came to my eyes. What was this hot pot of liquid gold we had just stumbled upon!?  The flavours were incredible, mouthgasms were had.
After lunch we walked up to the English gardens.  So massive we only scoured a small section of it. Very beautiful but I wasn't sure what was so english about it.  We watched people walk their dogs and we admired the crazy critters running around, into the freezing creek then rolling in the leaves.  Some part of the gardens there is a naked section, safe to say we didn't come across it.

After heading back to the dorm, having a nap Megan and I headed out to dinner.  We ate at a Bratwurst beer haus. And yeah we ate sausages. Oh my lord, how good they were! Of course washed down with Edelstoff.  We headed over to an Irish pub called Killians, its a cool place, just like at home with a live cover band. Killians is right next door to an Aussie pub, but its crap and only serves Fosters and Vb.  So we had a couple of drinks, sang along to the music then headed home for some sleep.
Day 4
At breakfast I met a Canadian girl named Rachel.  I told her we were visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle and she was welcome to join us, which she did.  Its a 2 hr train ride to Fussen, then you get a bus into the cute little fairy tale town, castles and horse drawn carriages but sadly no Princes. The castle is freakin huge, flamboyant (the king was controversially gay) and it was never completed inside. Only 16 rooms are done. It is a bit of a rip, €12 and only half an hour inside. Afterwards we walked to the bridge and took some gorgeous pics looking back at the castle.
After a big day the 3 of us went out for dinner and then back to Killians Irish pub.  Back for beer, music and good times.  We met 2 Canadian soldiers who were on leave with their father. Very lovely people, it was a big night, lots of laughs, good conversation and bad dancing.

Day 5
Megan checks out in the morning, nooooo! Off to her next destination. We had a very hungover goodbye, when I woke up later she had left me a thankyou card and a token of friendship/appreciation. So cute, God love her, I will miss her. Damn these goodbyes!
After coffee and a sandwhich, I spent some time on the internet, booking my next hostel, catching up on emails and applying for jobs back home.
Rachel and I went to dinner that night, we call the last supper. The only place deserving of such a name is of course Augustiner Brau Munchen.  Now this meal, turns out to be the tastiest most amazing in all of Germany. Rach had an incredible pork knuckle, I had roast pork. It was so delicious, I honestly said I could die happy right now! After dinner we raced back home and I walked Rachel to the train station and waved her off.  I had an early night, the next morning I am off to Salzburg Austria! I'm a little excited for you all to read my next story....

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