Thursday, November 17, 2011

The sound of Salzburg

So Friday afternoon, checked into Yoho youth hostel, a really nice place! It turns out the tour of the ice caves I wanted to do is closed for the season, aww but it's ok.
First night alone of course I make a beeline for the bar at happy hour.  There is no one at the bar, awkward! So I go to the computer room.  I notice a young Australian couple and we get to talking. Cam and Ash, very nice people, we went to the bar, had dinner, a couple of beers and chatted about our times.  Ash went upstairs to go to bed while Cam and I finished our drinks. The bar was starting to fill up and 4 guys came over and asked to sit with us.  So here we have Alex, Philip, Tasos and Patrick.  Guess where they're from? ... bloody Munich! They were funny, interesting, great to talk to. Cam went upstairs and I stayed with my 4 new Bavarian friends. It turns out its Tasos birthday and they are here to celebrate.
The 5 of us headed off on foot to find a bar, with frozen faces, beating hearts and much laughter we eventually get to the river which is where we find some action. We go to a bar called Roses, drinks are a little expensive but it plays a good mix of music and has a good mix of people around. 
A little dumbfounded I realise Patrick has an interest in me, the drink will do it to ya. There was a mutual attraction though.
I went to the bathroom and met a great girl named Sarah we bonded straight away as she had spent some time in Australia and loved it.  She bought me a Spritzer (wine & soda) and we had a lot of fun, I met all her friends, so we had a pretty large group by the end.  What's funny about the Austrian hospitality is they will buy you a drink as a 'guest' but then you are not allowed to buy in return! 
After however many hours, me and the boys went back to the hostel.  I woke in a haze the next day, my brain was not processing much.  I met Patrick downstairs and then we walked the city up to the castle. The sun was shining , we had such a nice day! I really enjoyed spending time with these crazy Bavarians! Sadly  I waved them off at the train station that afternoon.  Sad again of course I am really hating these goodbyes.
I slept for 12 hours that night.  I woke, had breakfast and then watched the Sound Of Music.  What a lovely story, I cant believe I had never seen it to the end! I walked the city then had another early night as I was leaving early for Paris the next day. 

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