Wednesday, February 1, 2012

home sweet home

Walking through the gates at Brisbane Airport and seeing my Mums smiling face waiting for me was the cutest thing ever.  It felt so great to finally be back in Australia, in the heat!  First thing I did in the car was take off my winter boots, aaaah relief!

After a week of pure relaxing, at home with my parents I wasn't feeling the usual withdrawls that I've had in the past after arriving home from a holiday.  I was actually content to be back!

Seeing my family again, and my friends has kept me busy.  Some friends I still haven't seen yet, but all in good time.

I've been home 8 weeks already!  In this time, I've been to a wedding; watched two of my best friends start the rest of their life together.  I've had brilliant Christmas, New Years Eve, found out another one of my best friends is pregnant.  Had numerous lunches and outings with my family.  Celebrated my Grandmothers 91st birthday, my Stepdads 60th birthday, frollicked at the beach, been severely sunburned a few times, been asked to be a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding AND started a new job.  With all this happiness around, who's got time to complain?

So the job is working in the hotel industry.  Something I started becoming interested in whilst travelling.  I feel comfortable in my new role, working with really lovely people and I think this job will keep me busy for quite a while.

With all the excitement and love around me I found it hard to ever contemplate moving away from Australia.  Why fix something if it aint broke and why leave a place that really and truly I am happy in?  It's home.

Since I'd been home I had maintained regular contact via Internet with Patrick.  What I hadn't realised back in Europe was how I was going to feel upon coming home.  He had invested quite a lot emotionally in 'us' and was quite dependent on me and hopeful that I would return and we would start a life together over there which in the end only made me uncomfortable.  I don't share that same hope, and for me continuing any kind of relationship over the internet is not what I want in my life.  I need something real, a man here, right now to do all the fun coupley things that new couples do!   I've been completely honest and ended things a few weeks ago. He can't move here, and I won't move there.  I don't want to.  I love my life, I'm happy and Mr Right will be around the corner, waiting for me and with him there will be compromise and freedom for us to do and plan whatever we want, together.

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