Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The end

So after arriving in Munich I spent the final two weeks of my trip there. I had a lovely time and Patricks family took me under their wing and I was treated wonferfully as a guest in their home.  It was actually a god send as it saved me a lot of money and I was seriously running out.  I got to see another side of Munich again, this time having a Bavarian show the ropes.  We went to a live Soccer Game, it was craaaazy! Bloody weirdo ultra fans, yuk.  Went to the Zoo, but it was too cold so most of the animals were hiding!  It was a pretty relaxing way to finish my holiday.

On my last day there weren't any tears, I was prepared and ready to come home. As I had been sick. The weather was the coldest I had ever experienced and I had terrible flu so all I could think of was getting my hands on some cold & flu medication and relaxing.  I've never spent time in a place that was so cold, this was 0 degrees and just way out of my comfort zone!

I took the train to Amsterdam for my final night. As this was the city I was originally supposed to end my trip in and fly home from.  As I was sick and not there for long I did not venture out or bother to mingle.  I packed my bags ready for my flight the next morning and slept well.

As I was leaving the hostel, somehow I took a  wrong turn walking back to the main train station!  I was walking around the gorgeous city, lined with Canals, and plenty of those "special" coffee shops, I had to ask someone where the station was!  I turned around, evetually got to the station, only to find the airport train I was on was delayed.  I was stressing a little as I was SO ready to fly home by this point.  I did not want to miss my flight.

I arrived at the airport about 45mins before takeoff.  Sweaty and stressed I wondered if customs would question me thinking I was a drug smuggler! Thank God it was all smooth sailing, straight through I went, sat on the plane and smiled  with pure excitement as the plane ascended into the air to soon be seeing my family and friends again.  I say goodbye to Europe it's been a great three months, I'll be seeing you again soon.


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