Monday, September 26, 2011

Hej hej!

Oooh I do love Europe and I have only seen Germany and small parts of Sweden so far.  GEEZ.  There is so much to see and do, it's just a completely different world to Australia.
Even though I am on the other side of the world, when I first arrived I didn't get a big culture shock.  I never got off my first train, or first plane and freaked out.  I never really get jetlagged or feel overwhelmed.  It's just sort of... natural.

I must thank everyone for their kind words, love and support regarding my last post.  It was a very small hiccup on my trip, as disappointing as it is - it has happened for a reason.  Mum is right, she said 'darl, he's done you a favour'  He certainly did.  So, thank you again for all your love, I am ok.  I am using my alone time, (while Uncle Adam is at work) to research and organise my new itinerary.  So hopefully by tomorrow I will have a fairly good idea on whats going on.  I will be working in my trip, to come back to Sweden for a Halloween Party my Uncle and his parter Amy, will be hosting.  Anyone that knows me would know there is no way I'll miss a good party, especially with the opportunity to dress up. My rule: Dressing up means messing up.  Goodbye inhibitions.

Adam met me at the train station 9pm Friday in Hyllie. It was so easy to get here from Berlin, surprisingly. It never felt like 8hrs travel!  I have to tell you, the train from Hamburg (north Germany) to Copenhagen... it goes onto a Ferry. YES that's right the train was on a boat!   Upon the Ferry there's restaurants and duty free shopping.  I had dinner, a schnitzel with chips and some Aussie wine.

On my first night, I was shown to my room, which is my cousin Marcus's bedroom. A batman bed, just what I always wanted! Just a few glasses of wine and some catching up before bed.

Hölvikken is a cute little town in the South of Sweden just a short stroll from the shores of the Baltic Sea.  Through these parts are farming towns.  Sugar beets, onions, potatoes, wheat all grow here, among other things , I am sure to hear about.   Everyone rides bikes everywhere, just like in Germany.  It is so flat and everyone is so close by, a car is not necessary unless heading into Malmö for shopping, working or nights out.

On Saturday we went for a bike ride then took  a drive into Malmö.  I purchased a winter jacket (winterjack!).  Knowing that Scandanavia would be the best place to get one.   It's getting bloody cold here, and winter hasn't even hit. 
On our drive home we picked out own Corn! Yep, went to a Cornfield (Children of The Corn, E.T or Signs never crossed my mind...)   
I met  Adams Australian friend, Chappy.  Chappy has been here for about 25years, married to a Swedish woman.  He is a 40 something, crazy haired, chatty, happy, crazy, full-steam-ahead kind of a guy.  I imagine there is never a dull moment when Chappy is around.  After meeting him for 10 minutes he was already trying to organise for me a job, a car and friends!  God love him.
That night we baked an Apple crumble and cooked up and ate our hand picked corn, with chicken, fried polenta, salad and a few glasses of red wine and sat watching Big Bang Theory. 
Sunday I got to uploading my photos of Germany to facebook while Adam mowed the lawn.  We then took a drive out to his Vineyard in Trelleborg.  It is gorgeous.  A Vineyard that sits out the back of a restaurant / B&B.  I tasted the grapes, so yummy.  We cooked dinner, more yummy corn of course.  More wine, duh!  And then went for a night ride at 9.30pm we set off with frozen faces for about half an hour.  I have to laugh, I am too short for the bikes.  Everyone rides them so high!  I am trying to get used to my feet not touching the ground.  I nearly stacked it the other day trying to stop and push off, right in front of a car full of people.  I think I made their day, I would have looked like a massive dork.

Anyways, back to the trip planning. Big love to you all
Red Grapes

Green grapes

Adams Vineyard

dork in a vineyard

Sun setting behind a Cheiftan burial mound

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